The Central Caucasus

Mt.Elbrus, C.Caucasus region 
The Central Caucasus rises between Mt. Elbrus and Mt.Kazbek and is the highest and most attractive part of the entire range. All the five-thousanders of the Caucasus are located here, together with many of its glaciers including the biggest one - the 12.8 km-long Bezengi glacier. The most popular summits belong to the Elbrus area (Ushba, Shkhelda Towers, Chatyn-Tau, Donguzorun, Nakra-Tau, Jantugan, and others) and the Bezengi Wall area (Koshtantau, Shkhara, Dzhangi-Tau, Dykh-Tau and others). 
Elbrus area  The Adir-Su valley  The Adil-Su valley  Bezengi 
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