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Protected Areas - Nature Reserves

  1. Ajameti
  2. Algeti
  3. Babaneuri
  4. Batsara
  5. Bichvinta-Miusera 
  6. Borjomi
  7. Gumista
  8. Kazbegi
  9. Kintrishi
  10. Kolkheti
  11. Lagodekhi
  12. Liakhvi
  13. Mariamjvari
  14. Ponto
  15. Pskhu
  16. Ritsa
  17. Saguramo
  18. Sataplia
  19. Skurcha
  20. Tsiskara
  21. Tusheti
  22. Vashlovani
The reserves in Georgia have a long history. The reserve places in the past were called "Korugi". In Vakhtang the VI "Law Book" (1709). Korugi is mentioned as the reserve "The place for hunting", were it was forbidden to cut the trees and to walk. There were Korugimen, whose duties were to protect the pasture.

Nowadays there are 20 reserves in Georgia (Administratively united with 14 State reserves),total area is 168 thousand ha, which is 24% of total territory of the country. Reserves are formed on state forest fund base, and as a result they are represented by vegetation formation forests.

The reserves are defined to protect several relict and endemic species of flora and fauna. Unfortunately, nowadays most reserves are at the edge of extinction. From vegetation's here are mentioned: Imeretian oak, zelkova carpinifolia, Bichvinta's pine-tree, pterocaria pterocrpa, pistrachio-tree, jupiner, yew-tree ect. From mammals : red deer, roe deer, caucasian tur, chamois, tetraogallus caucasicus, black-cock, eagle ect.

In the reserves the activities are going in two directions: protection of the regime of the reserve, and scientific research.

The reserves are joining in 4 zoned division, which is leaded by Scientists. The activity of the division and scientific research of the reserve is co-ordinated by Scientific council joined with main department of the reserves and hunting industry.

Later the area of the reserves and their network is becoming larger. This process is especially interesting from faunistic point of view(mammals daily migration distances must be placed in the borders of the reserves).

It is very important to create the buffer zones in the reserves. The question of joining of subalpine and alpine zones to the reserves is to be decided. The regime of the reserve needs to be restored in Pontos unequal oak grove and ex-reserve of Tsiskara's territory, which was abolished before. For saving the nature, which is in difficult conditions, today in Georgia is working National Parks and other protected territories establishing program, which is realised with WWF's help.

1. Algeti, 2. Akhmeta, 3. Ajamet, 4. Bichvinta-Miussera, 5. Borjomi, 6. Vashlovani, 7. Kintrishi, 8. Kolkheti, 9. Lagodekhi, 10. Liakhvi, 11. Mariamjvari, 12. Ritsa, 13. Saguramo, 14. SaTaflia, 15. Fskhu-Gumista, 16. Kazbegi

Besides the reserves, there are 5 hunting farms in Georgia: Korugi (Sagarejo district), Iori (Signagi district), Chachuni (Dedoplistskaro district), Katsoburi (Abasha district) and Gardabani.

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