Atskuri is an ancient stronghold on an important strategic route in the Mtkvati River Valley. The fortress was of great importance in the defence of medieval Georgia.
Akhali Shuamta
The Church of Akhali Shuamta Monastery, a specimen of the XVI century architecture, is situated in the Telavi District. The church contains frescoes portraying king Leon, queen Tinatin and their son Alexandes.
The Ikalto Monastery, a cultural centre in medieval Georgia. The monasterial ensemble includes several structures built in different times. On the photo, on the left, - ruins of the Academy, a specific example of the XII century civic architecture; on the right - the church that underwent many reconstructions, the last reconstruction taking place at the realy XIX century.
The Samtavisi Cathedral of the XI century is outstanding for the beauty of proportions and refinement of carving on the facade.
Goris-Tsikhe, a fortress in the town of Gori, represents a specimen of medieval defensive architecture.
Dzveli Shuamta
Dzveli Shuamta in Kakheti in Eastern Georgia, situated 7 km from the town of Telavi, represents an ensemble of ancient churches. The small basilica on the foreground dates from the V century, two cupola churches (the larger one executed in the style of the Jvari Temple in Mtskheta) are of the VII century.
Thimotes Ubani
Thimotes Ubani, a monasterial ensemble with the halltype church of the X century and the main cupola-roofed temple. The ensemble is located near the famous spa of Borjomi.
Bebris-Tsikhe, remains of the medieval fortress in the vicinity of Tbilisi.
Geguti, ruins of the country palace of Georgian kings, is situated in the Rioni River Valley near the city of Kutaisi. Remains of the cupola of the large hall date from the XII century.
Vardzia, a huge cave monastery and a cliff city founded in the XII century by Georgia's king Giorgi III and completed by his daughter, the famous queen Tamara. It consists of over 600 cells arranged in 6 tiers.

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