The Ateni Sion  
The temple is situated in the gorge of the Shan River in 12 km from the town Gori. It is well-known medieval temple of the 7th century. The temple's architecture is executed in the same style as the Jvari Temple in Mtskheta. It's walls are full of remarkable mural paintings of the XI century. Its facade is decorated by a great number of ingraved stone ornaments.
  Bagrati Cathedral 
It is situated in Kutaisi and it`s an important monument of the medieval Georgian art. The name of the cathedral is connected with the king Bagrat III who was the donator of this church. The Dormition cahtedral was built in 1001-1008. The inner space was ornamented with mosaic. In 1691 it was blowed up by the Turks. Many beautiful carved stone fragments are scattered around the building.
It was built in 1213-1222 during the reign of Lasha-Giorgi. It is situated far from the inhabited places. The ktitor is king`s Amiredjib, Kavtar son of Kajipai. This cathedral is one of the best examples of the georgian architecture of this period. It is decorated with a great number of masterly curved stone ornaments. The church was abandoned long ago. These are frescoes of various periods in the interior. Nowadays they are being restored and preserved.
  Old Gavazi 
This four apse church of the 6th century was built on behalf of St. Mary. The horseshoe type shape typical for early period can be traced in the plan of all the apses and in the arcade of the south and the west parts of the church. It was badly damaged after reparing in the 19th-20th centuries. The church was built with cobble-stone. Its original dimensions are about 13m x 13m.
The Jvari Temple 
At the dawn of Christianity king Mirian gave an order to erect wooden cross on the mount situated in front of the ancient capital of Georgia - Mtskheta. Later on this place in 586-604 there was built one of the most popular architectural monuments in Georgia - Jvari (Cross). The composing centre of the buildingis square and the dome rests on the eight angles. The architecturally ornamented cathedral with figure reliefs, its forms, proportions and colour harmonically merges into the environment. The Jvari Temple crowns the mountain at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers. It is an outstanding creation of medieval Georgian architecture, distinguished for the harmony of architectural forms and the strictness and clearness of the general composition. 
Mtskheta - ancient capital of Georgia, founded according to legends by son of Japhet, Mtskhetos. Archeological excavations revealed long and interesting history of the city. The big cathedral of XI C. - Svetitskhoveli was built on place of first Christian georgian church, which was connected with legends of the shirt of our Lord, brought in Georgia.
It was built in the 7th century and belongs to the most beautiful samples of old Georgian art. The church that was renewed in the 18th century, was partly destroyed by the earthquake in 1940. Later in 1952-53 it was totally rebuilt. Its main decor is the cornice with thin raw of arches. This tiny cross-dome type church impresses the visitors by combining together its severe and refined shape.
  The Shiomgvime Monastery 
It was founded by Shio of the "thirteen Assyrian fathers" who came to Georgia in the 6th century and strived much for Christianity. The old church was built in the beginning of the 6th century on behalf of Jon the Baptist, It is the so called "free cross" type building, very plain and strict. There have been built a great number of various buildings but the old part has preserved its original forms. The fresco paintings belong to the end of the 19th century.
  Uplistsikhe. 9th-10th c.c 
Uplistsikhe is situated near Gori on the banks of the river Mtkvari. It is an antique period city cut out in rocks. According to Georgian historical documents, it was built by a Georgian ruier Uplos. A certain amount of chambers must belong to the last centuries B.C., these are also some other rooms dating back to the beginning of the 1st century A.D. and middle ages. Uplistsikhe played an important role in the life of the country even in the 9th-10th centuries.

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